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cw: death, capital punishment, drugs, drug trafficking

Merri Utami is one of ten death row inmates whose execution had been canceled temporarily by Attorney General Office. It has been two years but Merri’s fate is not clear yet. She is waiting still in Cilacap prison to be return to her home.

Reflect by the Window

I remember sitting by the window, that impenetrable pane of glass, dreaming of my freedom, of my health, of my return to adolescence.

I’m pulled from my daydream. Dr K is at the entrance to the six-bedder, he’s got a slip of baby blue paper tucked under his arm and behind him I can see my mother poking her head over his broad shoulders. He shuffles in, a tired smile plastered to his face with cheap glue, my mom hanging right behind. How exhausted she looks: worry lines pronounced on her face, like ancient script etched into her forehead, the ink bleeding into the crevices and dips of her nose and cheeks. She smiles at me, and stands by my side at the window massaging my shoulder between her cold hands...

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TW: sexual assault

I thought life would be a love story and love would be the death of me. Like Romeo and Juliet.

But life doesn’t end at the big kiss like a movie does. Happily ever after is followed by not so happily ever after and then less so onwards. After the big kiss, you date for a while then you fight or one of you cheats, then one of you gets broken. In my case, I was the one broken. Love looked so warm and comforting. It was a warm summer breeze curling its fingers through my hair and making my toes curl. It was perfect until I started falling into love at light-speed and life was swooshing around me and he stepped aside to let me fall on my face.

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Hipster Sexism

Meet the hipster sexist…

The hipster sexist is your intelligent friend in his skinny jeans, sipping on his chai latte, shutting down your opinions on the latest band because “he knows more about it”.

The hipster sexist is your dad jokingly telling your mum to “get back to the kitchen” with a wink and a grin in front of his friends.

The hipster sexist is your boyfriend who's "really not like most guys" but ironically/not-ironically treats you like a porn star in bed.

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