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cw: death, capital punishment, drugs, drug trafficking

Merri Utami is one of ten death row inmates whose execution had been canceled temporarily by Attorney General Office. It has been two years but Merri’s fate is not clear yet. She is waiting still in Cilacap prison to be return to her home.

Hipster Sexism

Meet the hipster sexist…

The hipster sexist is your intelligent friend in his skinny jeans, sipping on his chai latte, shutting down your opinions on the latest band because “he knows more about it”.

The hipster sexist is your dad jokingly telling your mum to “get back to the kitchen” with a wink and a grin in front of his friends.

The hipster sexist is your boyfriend who's "really not like most guys" but ironically/not-ironically treats you like a porn star in bed.

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Fetal Feminism

In 2015 the YWCA Victoria got in contact with me via twitter and asked if I’d be part of their upcoming TinaTalks alongside Clementine Ford and Caitlin Stasey. This was around the time of the launch of Caitlin Stasey’s fabulous feminist website,, which had left me awestruck at her awareness, courage and brilliance. It was also around the time (which also happens to be all the time) that Clementine Ford was speaking up about hard to touch topics and fighting the good fight in support of women everywhere. Needless to say I was honoured to be included beside them.

Needless to say I was shitting my pants.

I felt nakedly under qualified to be included alongside them, and to be given the microphone in what I knew would be a room full of hundreds of the coolest, most well-versed feminists in Melbourne. I felt unworthy and I felt like I was going to screw up big time and everyone was going to witness it.

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